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A Customer Journey A Customer Journey A Customer Journey

On 30, Dec 2012 | In | By me

A Customer Journey

I’ll take a good oddball project anyday.

Here we were tasked to construct an entire customer journey from awareness to loyalty. Collaborating with senior copywriter Chrissy Ragan and senior art director Sara Suter for the overall presentation, together we developed a comprehensive integrated marketing campaign.

This project required a strategic plan for all UI touchpoints. Thinking through the user experience on a macro level reinforced how imperative it is to work with “big picture” thinkers. As satisfying as it is to turn out a pixel perfect product, the success of a project is directly affected by the before-the-brief plan of action. This was a chance to get out ahead of the work and line up the account correctly. It’s a problem solvers dream.

The pitch was for a travel company—think escapism. We offered simple, educational tasks that helped interested families vacation sooner than planned. Using simple social motivation and correctly timed reminders, we brought a scientific approach into the art of persuasion.

Without knowing the new company’s identity or name for that matter, we went with our own agency-adjacent theme. I traced raster imagery to create the ownable but basic vector graphics. The process of illustrating while problem solving forced me to take a necessary step back from design and focus on the opportunity to change how people think.