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Golden Age of Travel Golden Age of Travel Golden Age of Travel Golden Age of Travel Golden Age of Travel Golden Age of Travel

On 01, Jan 2013 | In | By me

Golden Age of Travel

The Travel-Ticker redesign was one of the most rewarding projects I worked on with T3. The clients were excited and stimulating. As the design lead, I presented to our clients along side the wordsmith Chrissy Ragan, I kept (and created) the branding standards. From pitch to production, I’m proud of the team and what we accomplished for the user, so here’s the story:

With travel deal seekers revisiting sites frequently, it wasn’t enough to design a standard, resizable banner. We created a system of illustrations based on geometric shapes that could be assembled in different configurations to keep our message updated and eye-catching.

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Everyone on the project learned that price is king, but that wasn’t the entire picture. It is just as important to intrigue and entertain the audience as it is to inform them of the offer. On each project we worked to make our messages personal.

The first executions that went live were straight from the pitch deck. The concept was to build on an emotional connection using—Golden Age of Travel, a rebirth of the excitement found in vintage tourism posters. Taking into account standard banner file sizes and our stitched together, color changing builds we knew vector was the way to go.

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