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Keep it interesting. Keep it interesting. Keep it interesting. Keep it interesting. Keep it interesting. Keep it interesting.

On 03, Jan 2013 | In | By me

Keep it interesting.

Here’s an attention grabbing campaign. The project was to communicate that MSN gives users what they need to stay interested and constantly sharing. Within the creative platform we had to tackle both the intrinsic content that MSN delivers and the extrinsic value to staying connected.

The idea is rooted in places where you normally have very little to say and it might be social awkward to do so. Think laundry mat, elevator, public restrooms. MSN solves the problem of having nothing to say. You can do better than talk about the weather.

Imagine a bus stop keeping your mind occupied while you wait. How awesome would it have a hold on the best gossip while waiting for your laundry to dry. MSN keeps you interesting.

With senior copy genius Sarah Weigl by my side, we split the traditional and digital advertising platforms into two types of ads: informative and entertainment. For spreading the word about MSN content, the pieces are cleverly headline driven and contextual. The “why not” ads are simple—it’s a walk the walk brand mantra. Literally keep it interesting. Once we discovered the obligation MSN had to their not-so-easily-fooled younger audience, the project came alive.

Dynamic headline banner ads were an easy fit. Over the top event WIFI sponsorships made perfect sense—it’s about celebrating the interesting we create in our own lives. With long legs this campaign fell in place once we nailed down the angle.