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Lift the world. Lift the world. Lift the world. Lift the world. Lift the world. Lift the world.

On 09, Oct 2013 | In | By me

Lift the world.

Razoo is the crowdfunding for causes. When we launched a brand refresh coupled with new functionality, we knew the entire site experience needed an overhaul. Piece by piece we built an engaging, trustworthy and uplifting platform for both donors and fundraisers.

I was responsible for creating the working UI style guide to implement across projects ranging from homepage optimization to a National PTA campaign. I also established a marketing imagery guide surfacing UGC with authentic impact. I designed a mobile site, an email strategy, and even an Oprah ad.

My bandwidth was equal parts marketing and product. Focusing the user experience from a brand perspective allowed light, emotional touch-points to lead donors to feeling the impact of their donations. For example, we tested a donation basket as opposed to a shopping cart. With mobile, we learned to surface local organizations first and to make the most of social sharing.¬†Post-donation emails perform better with “pat on the back” messaging.

Lean UX played an integral part of user testing. We visited with users in coffee shops and completed 5 second tests online. The product and brand are still evolving but the foundation to change the world holds strong.