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I woke up like this I woke up like this I woke up like this I woke up like this I woke up like this I woke up like this

On 18, Jan 2015 | In | By me

I woke up like this

There’s an art and a science to beauty.

Currently at Sephora, I lead a team of five email designers (ranging from senior to production). We send, on average, four emails a week, each versioned and targeted to clients through Sephora’s loyalty program. Outside of our core projects, my team also partners with Marketing and Analytics for consumer behavior testing. For example, we’ve learned how faux-video content performs vs. static imagery, where to templatize full-sized products, and the best layouts for promotional offers.


My first extracurricular project was creating a style guide to identity design opportunities. The goal was to record the “intuition” within the internal organization. Not surprisingly, we’ve seen improvements with on-boarding, design efficiencies, and consistency. Since we can quickly train designers on our digital medium, my team now has the bandwidth to flex to additional digital vehicles and channels.


We’re developing a campaign approach to the larger creative team—agency style. Baby steps. I’ve led a few changes that make a world of difference to how we tackle our integrated marketing campaigns. For example, dedicated emails and all email banner placements are briefed together. Presentations to VPs are synced cross-channel.


My favorite days in the office surround photo shoots. After a concept is vetted with Marketing and sourced with Merchandising, I work with our in house photographers to style the product selection. Because we work with the widest variety of brands, elevating the creative is the fun part. Keeping up with fast fashion is the challenge and our clients push us forward.