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Who Knew!

On 02, Jan 2013 | In | By me

Who Knew!

JCPenney. (Or Penneys, if you’re my mother reading this.)

Here’s the account where I earned my digital chops. Day to day, I was responsible for concepting multiple banner options for client review and also for leading client selected storyboards through production and development. Working within brand standards all while pushing the boundaries for digital innovation solidified my confidence in the creative process. I also worked within teams to pitch seasonal campaigns and execute social media deliverables. I have no reservations when it comes to working across the aisle to ensure a cohesive product that captures all of the clients needs. From development to account, I am pro think tank.

Lovely flash banners are waiting!


Banner Examples

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Working with partner brands was common and provided fresh palettes to work in. Banners like this required much more than repurposing print executions for the web. Together with a copywriter, I made pieces that stood alone on the web by communicating a complete thought. With this campaign, we developed a rich media ad unit that showcase clickable products as they appeared in the video unit. Exploratory content layered within the imagery gives a contextual spin to the looks.


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Within JCPTeen we created multiple drivers to the Facebook page. These soft sell banners added value and utilized social CTAs.


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One of my favorite JCP brands, these assets were often illustration based. I worked to tie the looks to an eye catching story.


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Identifying trends became a large part of the creative research. My interest in the fashion world skyrocketed once I started learning the process of retail marketing. I developed an eye for detail and started to hone in on my own personal style.